Forex2u Forex Strategy On Successful Forex Trading

The essence of the FX2u Forex strategy is that it does not have any Forex trading system but could forecast the market trend accurately.

Every set of Forex trading system available has its disadvantages. The market trend could not be forecasted. If the market could be forecasted, by depending on the RSI, PAR, MOM analysis techniques and some other theories, Forex traders could easily make a fortune.

Many Forex traders could not obtain the anticipated outcome by using these analysis tools, and suffer huge losses. The main reason is relying on some imperfect tools to forecast the unpredictable market trend is just a waste of effort. Therefore the FX2u Forex strategy spirit is to abolish the entire subjective analysis tool.

To survive in the market is to follow the market trend, following the market trend is the essence of the FX2u Forex strategy. By using the opposite theory to enter the market, will only lead to lost. The reason is that if the market rises, it may continue to rise. If the market drops, it may continue to drop. No one is able to forecast when the market trend will stop.

By following the market trend, the market risk could be reduce to the lowest, the FX2u Forex strategy will advance the following the ten principles:

fully understand the how market function and the market trend, else don’t trade

After entering the market, the Forex trader MUST immediately put a market stop.

If the stop order has been hit it MUST be executed immediately, NEVER make changes by lowering the stop order price.

If the forecast is wrong, Forex traders should leave the market immediately, then analyze again.

If the forecast is wrong, Forex traders should stop loss and should not increase trading.

Forex traders should admit mistakes, do not continuously make mistakes.

All analysis tools are imperfect, mistakes could always occur.

If the market rises Forex traders should buy, if the market drops Forex traders should sell, always follow the market trend.

Forex traders should not forecast the market price because such forecast will not be as easy as forecasting the market trend.

If the forecast is wrong, once the loss reach 10%, Forex traders must stop loss imm

Five Sure Fire Way to Secure Your Financial Future

“You can be poor when you’re young, but you can’t be poor when you’re old.” That was the tag line used some years ago in a financial services television commercial.

Truer words were never spoken.

I was relatively poor when I was young. Just about everybody I knew was and it was kind of fun. We lived an almost communal lifestyle, sharing money, accommodation, food, beer, cigarettes and other essentials of post-pubescent life. Would it be as much fun if I had to do it again today? Could I do it again? Not on your life!

Now I’m anything but a financial genius but there are five basic principles that I’ve learned and used to secure our financial future. And while far from wealthy, I have every confidence that I will not have to live in a refrigerator box whenever I quit working and that my wife will be able to comfortably carry on in the event of my premature demise. (You should know I’m at an age where I think eighty-five is a premature death!)

Is building a secure financial future akin to rocket surgery? Absolutely not— you need to do five key things to get started:

1. Determine your short and long-term financial goals. Start by taking a comprehensive snapshot of your current situation—your assets, net income, debts and living expenses. Once you’ve done this you can start setting long and short-term financial goals. Decide what lifestyle you want to enjoy between now and when you retire; what retirement lifestyle do you expect to have and what sort of education do you expect to provide for your children.

2. After you’ve assessed where you are now and where you want to be in the future take steps to protect your ability to get there–and stay there once you’ve arrived. A major part of your family’s financial program is to insure against major financial loss. There are simply no guarantees against serious illness, accidents or untimely death. So take the steps necessary to insure against loss of life, loss of income and loss of physical assets.

3. Pay yourself first. Save at least 10% of pre-tax income – more if possible. Pay down your mortgage as quickly as possible, especially in times of low interest. In the short term, you’ll be better off reducing a mortgage that costs you 6% than earning around a taxable 1.5% (or less) in a savings account.

Maximize your RSP/401K contribution every year and make the contribution at the beginning rather than at the end of the year. Simply doing that will substantially increase the size of your retirement nest egg when you’re ready to cash out.

4. Avoid credit traps. If you use credit cards, always pay any money owing before interest is due. Consider paying off your credit card immediately if you have money in a savings account—as with the mortgage, the interest earned on the savings is certain to be lower than what’s charged by the credit card company. Avoid using credit cards for cash advances. Usually the interest charges are higher for these and the charges begin immediately. If you do carry a balance on your cards try to negotiate a lower rate with the credit card company. If you need money urgently, it’s usually cheaper to negotiate a personal loan with your bank or credit union.

5. Finally, protect your family in the event of your death. Make a Will. If you die without leaving a Will in all likelihood the only thing you’ll really leave your loved ones is a bloody mess—one that could take many years and a whole bunch of money to sort out.

Without a Will, the court/government will decide how your property and possessions will be divided. I would expect there are two chances of them acting in a way consistent with what your wishes might have been—slim and none!

Making a Will doesn’t mean the Grim Reaper is about to pay you a visit. It simply means that your affairs will be sorted out in the ways you want and, as a result, you can go about your life with a peaceful mind because your loved ones are protected.

These five principles are only a starting point—a few suggestions that any financial management professional can improve and expand on. If I have one regret about how I’ve handled my financial affairs over time it is not enlisting enough professional help. When we were starting, the financial management business was neither as big nor as sophisticated as it is today. Who knows, with better help, I might be writing this from some warm Caribbean tax haven rather a cold Calgary office!

“Don’t try this alone—use a trained professional,” is absolutely the best advice I’m really qualified to give.

Find a Methodology and Minimize Investment Madness

There are many reasons to be investing these days, and too much opportunity to not have your money working for you.

However, I believe the majority of people dread having to deal with investment matters, and tend to jump into purchases and then hold their breath hoping for the best. After a long day at work and taking care of the family, it’s hard to get excited about reading up on your 401(k) options, Morningstar ratings and fund performances.

If this sounds like you, there are basically 3 choices.

You can have your investments professionally managed, you can continue as you have in the past & keep your fingers crossed, or you can find a methodology that objectifies the investing process (that’s buying and selling investments) and helps you maximize your long-term results.

To determine if you need help managing your investments(and this doesn’t necessarily mean having to pay for advice) you might want to ask yourself these questions:

=> Do I really have the time and interest to follow the market closely on a daily basis?

=> Have I done well in the past managing my own investments?

=> Do I really want to add another layer of work and responsibility onto an already busy schedule?

If you’re like most people, you would answer yes to some and no to others, so how do you decide? If you think you could have or should have done better with your investments, then you need some help. Don’t feel bad. Having counseled hundreds of people over the past 15 years I can honestly say that everybody needs some help, whether they are aware of it or not.

Why? This could come as a surprise, but, in fact, your financial life is a lot shorter than your physical life?

Most people who end up investing don’t really start working and making money until they are about 25 years old. Considering the average retirement age of 65, this gives you only 40 years to save and invest wisely.

If you make a poor investment decision, such as trying to stay fully invested during a bear market, you could lose big both in terms of diminished dollars and wasted time.

To drive home this important point, let me give you an actual example involving my own portfolio. For ease of illustration I have adjusted the beginning portfolio balance to $10,000.

During the period from 1/25/91 to 10/13/00 my $10,000 investment grew to $37,840, which is a 14.67% compounded annual return.

On 10/13/00, based on a methodology I was following, I liquidated all of my domestic mutual fund positions and moved 100% to the safety of my money market account. Thanks to this move, my portfolio retained 100% of its value on that date.

As we now know with hindsight, most people held on to their investment positions and have so far lost on average 50% to 60% of the value of their portfolios. For this example let us use 50%.

If I had held onto my position, my portfolio would be down to $18,920. Last time I hit that level on the way up was in 1995.

In other words, not only would I have lost 50% of my portfolio I would have lost even more by having used up 20% (8 years) of my total financial life.

How can you avoid mistakes like that in the future? Spend a little of your valuable research time looking for investment methodologies that allow you to side-step bear markets and let you move back in during bull markets. In other words, invest your time looking at methodologies instead of investments themselves. This will lay the foundation for more effective use of your money and time.

If you find a methodology that you like, and it matches your investment philosophy, stick with it for the long term. It should have the aspect of telling you when to get out of, as well as when to get into, an investment.

I suggest you follow these broad guidelines:

  • Don’t be afraid to take a small loss to avoid bigger disasters.
  • Stay away from commissioned sales people (because they have incentives other than your best interests), and if you use an advisor, be sure he or she is fee based.
  • Above all, don’t get overwhelmed by news, rumors and predictions that are irrelevant to your strategy.

If you take this advice, I guarantee that pretty soon sleepless nights will be a thing of the past and you’ll be on your way to more confidently and successfully (that means profitably) managing your investments.

Is it possible to trade forex online for free?

If you are interested in trading the foreign exchange market (Forex), then you may be concerned about any hidden costs that you could incur and if you can trade currency online for free. You will certainly be able to open a free account with most brokers that will allow you to practice your trading skills. You will not be charge for this service.

However, once you decide to open a live Forex account then that is another matter. For instance, your broker will definitely charge you a commission on every trade that you activate. This charge will take the form of a spread which is the difference between the buy and sell prices of currency pairs. This is why you are advised to select those pairs that exhibit the lowest spreads.

If you trade the EURUSD, then its low spread provides you with the best opportunity to trade currency online for free. You can cut your costs down even further if you choose the right forex broker.

This is because most forex brokers have a transparency policy which implies that they will never charge you additional fees on their services such as withdrawing and depositing funds. In addition, everytime you execute forex you will not be faced by a commission charge in the shape of a huge spread cost.

Excellent Forex Broker can do this because they make their income from the difference between your payout when you win and your refund when you lose. Consequently, right forex broker can almost allow you to trade currency online for free.

Taking beginner tips at trade forex online

forex-tips-2Everyone the world over has heard of trading in stocks, or foreign currency trade in some form or other. This may be from the stock exchange or simply the indices that are posted on the news but whichever way they have heard of it, the lure of making money always seems to be present. So the question remains, what can new comers do to get their foot in the door and have a go at trading themselves?

Online foreign currency trade sites are abundant in the current market and given that forex is one of the easiest ways to trade, it is not surprising that their user numbers are increasing greatly every day. This could be a great place for someone to start as they often have simple interfaces, self-explanatory features and an abundance of reading material and interactive trainers to get you going.

The first step is to learn all about forex trading and how they really work. forex trading in short are the choices you will have of which currency exchanges can trade in. each site will have their own selection to choose from so take some time to look into each one before you commit yourself to a site. As to the number of choices available, you may wish to choose a site that has several options available so you can expand your knowledge as you go. Alternatively, sites with less options often have more focused data available.

How to make money by trading in currency

If you undertake an appropriate internet search, then you will find that there are many Forex brokers available that will allow you to make money by trading in currency. When you make a selection you are well-advised to choose a broker who is fully regulated by bodies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) or the National Futures Association (NFA). You will then be able to invest knowing that all your trading activities can be audited by these organizations, if needed.

How easy is it to consistently make money by trading in currency? You will discover that you can quickly learn the techniques allowing you to competently open and close trades. However, mastering the complexities of Forex is quite another matter and can involve a steep educational curve. The reason for this is that currency pairs can generate very complex price patterns which are very difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy.

Basically, you need an easier method that will allow you to simplify the procedures when trying to make money by trading in currency. Does one exist? Yes there does, because you can use binary options as a technique to achieve this objective.

When trading binary options, you only have to concern yourself with two possible outcomes per trade. You will either make a predetermined profit or receive a refund. In addition, you only have to predict the correct direction in which your selected currency pair will advance without being bothered about the size or magnitude of the movement. Consequently, you will find that simplicity is the main advantage of binary options.

How to make money with binary options trading

If you are like most people, you may wonder if there are opportunities out there that can be used to generate big returns on your money. I am talking about binary options trading. Before we go further, let’s make sure we are on the same page with what a binary option is and how the trading works.

Binary options are a relatively new investment vehicle that was first introduced to the world at large in 2008. The appeal to binary options is the fact that contracts are extremely short term and can yield over 100% return if you can accurately decide the direction of the underlying stock or commodity. Most binary options websites will allow you to trade indexes such as the Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq, etc. You may also be able to trade commodities such as oil and gold, along with a few selected individual stocks.

How to get started on the road to huge returns

When you log on to your binary options account, you can select a financial asset discussed above and predict whether the price of that asset will rise or fall in the next hour or so. Once you click the up arrow, a call option, or down arrow, a put option, a trade is born in the form of a contract. However, unlike a regular option, there is no way to exercise the contract. If at the end of the hour your prediction becomes a reality, you could be looking at huge gains that range from 70% to over 100%. It is not unheard of to make over $500 a day, if you know what you are doing. Essentially, binary options trading is a form of day trading, but with much less risk and much lower capital requirements.

The odds of you winning are 50-50, but if you have basic trading knowledge you could further tip the odds in your favor. If you are new to trading or trading binary options, I would recommend finding a broker that allows you to “paper trade,” which means you will be able to place trades and not risk any of your money until you feel comfortable.

What it all comes down to

The bottom line here is that binary options are a great way for anyone to trade with the potential of big profits with minimum time to put in and capital to start. As I stated above, I would start with a practice account to learn the ropes but once you understand the process, a new world of potential riches is within reach.

A Full Review of the IC Markets Broker

About the broker

The IC Markets company was established in 2007 in Sydney. The main mission of the broker is to provide quality services for small and institutional clients. The main feature of the company is the world’s first True ECN trading environment with a direct access to interbank liquidity. The company is trying to emphasize its reputation by showing its suppliers. Liquidity is provided by 50 banks, among which there are such giant suppliers as UBS, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citi, HSBS, Bank of America and others.

About the broker

The IC Markets company was established in 2007 in Sydney. The main mission of the broker is to provide quality services for small and institutional clients. The main feature of the company is the world’s first True ECN trading environment with a direct access to interbank liquidity. The company is trying to emphasize its reputation by showing its suppliers. Liquidity is provided by 50 banks, among which there are such giant suppliers as UBS, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citi, HSBS, Bank of America and others.

Localization. The resource is fully translated into 4 languages. In addition to native English, there are Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Also directly on the site, there is a service from Google Translate, which translates the portal into almost any language of the world.

Regulation. The full name of the company sounds like International Capital Markets Pty Ltd (IC Markets). It is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The main office of the company is also registered in Australia. Continue reading “A Full Review of the IC Markets Broker”